Fresh 48

“There are certain days that are forever locked in our memories.  They represent special times, places and people that we capture in the scrapbook of our minds.  Just a fleeting thought of these memories can bring us back to that special time and place as well as the emotion we felt when we were there.”

-Jim Stovall

The birth of a child is the most joyous day is ones life.  Having these moments documented to be able to look back on once everyone is home, settled and can take a second to just breathe and cherish the amazing journey you just went through.  The journey of welcoming a son or daughter into your family.  Your Fresh 48 Session is done very simply in your Mother/Baby hospital room in a calm and relaxed setting within 48 hours of baby’s birth.  My focus will be to capture the love that I see always when a new life is welcomed into a family.

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