Hello. Thank you so much for stopping by. A lot of people call me Bella or Nicole, which I don’t blame them, but my name is actually Krissy Nicole. My daughters are IsaBELLA and Ricki NICOLE, which is where Bella Nicole Photography came from in 2013.

I love all things photography, well maybe not all things, but most. I especially love the SUN. I am SUN OBSESSED, like in the worst way. I will only shoot in that golden hour for so many reasons but I’ll save that for a later time.

I love my family. I live for my girls and my wonderful husband Rick. He’s an amazing guy and I am very blessed to have him support me no matter what. If it wasn’t for him encouraging me I would not be where I am at on this journey today.

There is nothing I love more than capturing moments for my family as well as others. I have loved photography long before picking up a camera. To be able to do what I every every day and call it my career is a blessing, and I look forward to helping your family capture these precious moments just the same as I would for my own family.

Thank you to Stephanie @ Lemonade Stand Photography + Kristin @ Kristin Nicole Photography for capturing my perfect.