my vision

“Whatever is Good for the Soul, do That.”




eucThis quote is everything. I started on my journey with a vision and somehwere along my path I became lost. I began shooting for everyone but myself.

In mid 2016 I decided that it was time that I found my road back to where my heart was with photography. Which was capturing moments, real, raw, unscripted emotional moments. During a session so much goes on. There are so many special moments happening all around us and if we sit around waiting for the “perfect moment” to happen those special little ones that truly are the perfect moments will just pass us by. I mean, this is everyday life isn’t it?

Can I capture shots of everyone looking at the camera artifically saying cheese? Sure. Do I want to? No.

I want you to hire me to be your photographer because I am an artist, because I have a vision and because you share that vision. I want to capture emotion. Real, raw, unscripted emotion.
I want to capture love, crazy love between families and couples.

Yes, I want to shoot what is good for my soul, but also what is good for yours.
I want you to get your gallery back and want you to stare at it for weeks, months, years.

I understand that I may not be the photographer for everyone and that is okay.
But I do know that I have a vision and if you share that vision and want me to help capture it, I would be truly honored to be your photographer.

I would love if you would trust me to capture your perfect, whatever that may be.